What's Next?

What’s Next?
I have a habit of asking “what’s next?” Or “what else?”

It’s my way of keeping things moving. It keeps conversations going. Sometimes I say, “what else?” and I’m really saying “what’s next on your mind for us to do?”

Much is happening at Calvary Chapel Ruidoso. The last year and a half have been THE MOST amazing times of ministry and Christian life I have ever experienced. I would have never of planned my life in the way God has orchestrated it. Never. EVER. In a million years, I would have never chosen what has happened. Why not? Simply put …

I would not have had enough faith.
I’m a people pleaser.
I’m loyal to institution.

A year and a half ago I did have discernment with God enough to know He was doing something. He was stirring it up in my life. And more.

God birthed this BIG IDEA in my life:

God will sometimes get you where He wants you to be in His will by using the crucible of pain because He knows you won’t have the faith to choose His will on your own.”

I thought this big idea was over. WRONG.

God is sovereign. He is able (Dan 3:17; Eph 3:20)

I have been amazed watching John and Devin Marshall pursue the heart of God in church planting in Nasua, New Hampshire. God is truly moving.

What is God doing?

Here’s what I can interpret as to what God is doing among us.

  1. God has knit us together by His sovereign will.
  2. God has built an amazing church here at Calvary that none of us would have chosen.
  3. God has given us a model of church that does not exist anywhere else in our community.
  4. God does not want us to go backward but wants us forward by faith.
  5. God wants us to have faith in Him not ourselves.
  6. God wants us to be a disciple making, sending, church planting church.
  7. God wants us to be a unique life giving church that is not like other churches.

What is God going to do next?

The very fact that we can expect Him to do something next is a beautiful, wonderful thing. John is going to plant a church in New Hampshire. I believe we will see many come to Jesus through the "teaching of the word;" who previously were "stranded," and will grow to be "unleashed in the world."  

We will continue to grow here. I’m believing we will plant other churches. I believe we will see more people saved and baptized. We will see disciple making happen. I believe.

There is a next. God is on the move. We get to be a part of something life giving instead of things that are dead (John 10:10). 

I encourage you to stay close to God in the word. Keep your heart hot for God in prayer. See His mission. Hear His heart. Be His hands and feet.

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Renea - May 10th, 2019 at 12:34pm

Amen! God Is OnThe Move