When the Lord moves

When God moves ...

His people are full of the Spirit.
Lives are changing in supernatural life changing ways.
God's people will be found praying in a variety of ways.
The word of God is preached with anointed exposition.
Churches will be planted.
Selfless sacrifice is normal.

Do you want God to move?

In the time of John the Baptist, God moved.
In the time of Acts 1-4, God moved. 3000 baptized.
God moved in the Great Awakenings.
God moved in the Welsh Revivals.
God moved in the pray revival of 1857.
God moved ...

Psalm 85:6 says "Will you not revive us again so that your people may rejoice in you?"

Pray the word.
Be filled with the Spirit.
God will move in daily life.

We exist to be a life giving church to the world. 

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