Download our

Church App



If you have an Android phone, download in the PlayStore.


If you have an iPhone you can get the new app using the instructions below.


To download the app:


1. It's not in the App Store. It's a third party download. It's safe, but you have to set your phone up some. It's not hard.


2. Go to this link from your iPhone and download the Church App for Calvary Chapel Ruidoso -


3. The App will not open the first time you try it. It will say the app is from a site that is not trusted. So when you have the app downloaded to your phone, do this ....


- Go to your "SETTINGS" on your iPhone


- Go to "GENERAL"




- Choose "GREED BE GONE" letting it be trusted on your iPhone


- Done! You can now open the app and use it to stay connected.