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21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and fasting.

When we say "prayer" it's all good. When we add "fasting" it gets weird right? OK. This is not that. We are asking you to pray about praying and fasting for 21 days from January 1-21.

Why fast?

Biblical fasting with prayer and the word, seeking to know God deeper, is our main purpose to consider fasting.

How to fast?

Here's a few things to consider

1. You can do partial fasts.

This would for example mean, you can fast from kinds of food. You can fast for certain times of the day. For example, you may say, "I will not eat while the sun is up." You may skip a meal or two. Or you may just say for 21 days I will not eat carbs or sweets. You may do the Daniel fast which is eating only vegetables. You may fast for only 5 days a week concerning food. Then have a different plan for the weekend.

2. When you fast drink much water and juices.

3. When you fast, spend more time in prayer, silence, and scripture reading.

4. Make a prayer list during these 21 days.

5. Your fast may be digital.

No TV. No phone. No social media. You may feel led to fast from something that does not involve food at all. That is an option, especially if you have dietary concerns. If it draws you closer to God, it works.

6. Remember, we are on the "guilt free" road.

You can start any time on the 1st and quit any time on the 21st. You may want to just fast for 2-3 days a week. If this is your first time fasting, you may want to spread it out. Fasting can be intimidating. Remember, we are not about legalism. We are about life and freedom.

7. Plan your fast.

If you don't plan it, fasting will be hard. You have to be able to say to yourself, "I'm fasting; I'm not eating this or that. I'm spending time in prayer instead." You will have to plan to not eat certain foods or it will be tough.

For example, I (Alan) will not be eating carbs or sweets for 21 days. I will be making a schedule of daily shakes and will probably eat salads for 21 days. (It's hard to write that :-) and I may allow for some kind of meat on the weekends. I'm not fully sure yet. But I will be writing it down and will be able to show you.

Also, don't see your fast as a way to diet or find better habits. What you are doing is simply creating a block of time to draw closer to God in order to discern his will and find direction in your life (and for the church). Read Romans 12:1-2.

For example, I (John) will be removing TV from my life for these three weeks. But I will be replacing it with reading and writing. The key to a successful time fast is to replace the wasted time with productive spiritual growth.

Here is a good comprehensive understanding of fasting and prayer from the late Dr. Bill Bright, from Cru. Take a look.

We will share more in the weeks coming.

We will set up some prayer options for you. There will be a devotional passage and prayer for each day. This will be in print and through digital media.

What if God wants to bring revival and awakening out of our time or seeking Him for 21 days?

We love you church. You're the best. If you have any questions about prayer and fasting, just ask us.

Pastors John and Alan

Fasting and Prayer Guide


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Tuesday, 19 February 2019