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Fasting and Prayer Guide

Prayer and Fasting Guide
January 1-21, 2019

Seek Jesus

1 - Read Psalm 139. Thank God for who He is in this passage. Thank Him for who you are (v. 14). Ask Him to search you deeply, confess sin to Him, and ask Him to lead you forward (v. 23-24)

2 - 1 John 1:9. Today, spend time confessing where sin is present in your life. Get serious about it. Agree with God about your sins. Receive true forgiveness from God (Rom 8:1). Turn from sin.

3 - John 10:10. Pray against the enemy's purpose. Ask the Father that you would be a life giving follow of Jesus Christ. Ask Him to enable you to reject the negative. Be encouraging today.

4 - Luke 9:62. Following Jesus looks forward and forgets what is behind us (Phil 3:13-14). As you see a new year ahead, leave what's not needed behind. Pray for faith to move forward.

5 - John 13:34-35. Ask the Lord to give you a fresh, Holy Spirit empowered ability to love. Pray, seeking to recognizing our witness is linked to our loving each other. Make a commitment to love.

6 - Acts 1:6-11. We are to be on mission with God (v. 8). Yet at times we are just standing around when we should be moving forward (v. 11). Ask the Lord to get you moving forward on purpose.

7 - Matt 6:14-15. Today, focus on forgiving everyone unforgiven in your life. If hard, good. Just do it. It doesn't mean you approve what caused the pain. It means you choose love and mercy for Jesus sake.

Serve Jesus

8 - Read 1 Cor. 12:1-7. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal to your mind and heart, where and how you fit into the body of Christ. Pray for revelation truth of having an assignment and equipping of God.

9 - Read Romans 12:1-3. "I pray for the revelation of your special and good purpose that You Lord have called me to live out. Show me the doors I'm to hold open for You."

10 - Read Eph. 4:11. Pray "Lord show me the work of the ministry You have equipped me do. Direct my ever action to the doors I'm to hold open. I thank you for the leadership You have provided for my preparation to open Your doors."

11 - Read Matt. 28:18-20. Pray "Lord show me who and how I am to disciple. Thank you Father for the calling and equipping to hold open every door You show me for Your children to know You and serve You."

12 - Read Hebrews 13:20-21. Pray, "Father renew my mind daily that I will open the doors You direct and close those You desire closed."

13 - Read Eph. 3:20-21. "I pray Father for me to constantly be aware You are the power and wisdom behind every door I open or close. It will never be of my own volition that I serve."

14 - Read Proverbs 3:5-7. "Lord I pray these words every day that only You direct my paths and I will not trust my understanding. You oh Lord are the wisdom I crave to live by."

Share Jesus

15 - Read 1 Peter 1. Ask yourself if the hope of heaven and eternity with God is the driving factor in your life? Also, pray for God's holiness to be reflected in you. Does this world mold and shape your view about God or does God shape your view of the world?

16 - Read 1 Peter 2. What is your witness? In other words, how has God changed you? Are you walking in the footsteps of Jesus? How does your life impact the world around you?

17 - Read 1 Peter 3. one of the marks of being a true believer is our ability to love; not only those who love us, but to love the unlovable and even those who hate us. Jesus said, "Love your enemies and do good to those who persecute you. How's this working for you?

18 - Read 1 Peter 4-5. Do you know that God cares very deeply for you? You are His child. He seeks to guide and comfort you. Do you believe He cares?

19 - Read 2 Peter 1. We know that we are saved by grace and not by works. We have put our trust in the work of God through His Son on the cross. But, do we play a role in the salvation we already have? Just as any child must eventually feed himself, so we must feed off God's word, applying its truths to our hearts. "Add to your faith virtue.

20 - Read 2 Peter 2. What are the marks of a false teacher?

21 - Read 2 Peter 3 . The day of the Lord is coming. What will He say to you when you stand before Him?

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting


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